Yang Fudong
No Snow on the Broken Bridge

This exhibition catalogue is published on the occasion of Yang Fudong’s solo exhibition at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation featuring the significant multi-screen cinematic work No Snow on the Broken Bridge and his seminal five-part film Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest.

Yang’s photographs and films are about moods and sensitibilites, thoughts and feelings, escape and entrapment, truth and deception.  They plumb emotional depths, drawing strength from deeply felt aspects of life and culture.  Yet at the same time they are questing and questioning, empty and illusory, using visual and sensory means to give form to things that have no form.



Award –  Professional, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) Australian Design Biennale, 2012; Gold, Desktop Magazine Create Awards, 2013 and Most Beautiful Books–Australia New Zealand, 2013

Published by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, 2011

144 pages, 220 x 150 mm, black & white, hardcover



Preface by Gene Sherman, Chairman and Executive Director, Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation

Essay by Claire Roberts, Coordinate Research Scholar at the Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University

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