Project 22

Chen Chieh-jen
Realm of Reverberations, 2014

In these four audio interviews we meet Clara, Danielle, Raquel and Sami; visitors to The Wayside Chapel in Potts Point, Sydney, who discuss their experiences of homelessness in Sydney and define what home means to them.

The audio interviews are a component of Realm of Reverberations by Chen Chieh-jen, and was presented alongside four filmic artworks focusing on the Losheng Sanatorium construction site in Taiwan, and four women’s unique connection to the Sanatorium and subsequent displacement from this ‘home’.

Realm of Reverberations, 2014
Blu-ray, B/W and colour, sound, four-channel video installation, duration approx. 25:00 minutes
Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2014

Realm of Reverberations was exhibited at SCAF as part of HOME. HOME was presented by SCAF in association with the National Art School Gallery, 24 May – 2 August 2014. More information can be found on our HOME exhibition page here.